Letters from the Mailbag

A sampling of letters from those whose hearts have been touched by The Tide radio programs. (Full names and locations are not include to protect identity)


Every day when I go to work I listen to Radio 7 Nord. I listen many programs but today I would like to share something about the program Sipas Fjales. It is in 13.30 Tuesday and Thursday. This is a perfect time for me, because we have the lunch break. I prefer during lunch break to have my radio on on my phone and listen to the program. My friends that work with me, got curious what I was listening and they asked me. So I was so happy to share with them what I was listening pastor Klodi share on the program. The program is a great help to open up discussions and share about my Christian faith.  I gave my life to Jesus 5 years ago. My faith journey was not easy because my parents were against my decision and it is a daily battle for me. Many times I can’t go to church, though my heart aches for fellowship with other believers. So the radio program for me is a special time. It gives me that sense of fellowship I’m missing. At the same time it helps me share my faith with my friends. So every time after work we enjoy and talk about the preaching we hear. Thank you very much Radio 7 and Pastor Klodi. God bless you. One day I hope I can come regularly to church.


I live in a remote village and the closest church is in the city. It is difficult for me to go in church for Sunday service or meet with other believers. I’m so happy that I can listen to pastor Gani preach on the radio. That’s my only church service, through the radio. I listen the radio together with my mother and my friend. Most of the time in secret from other people around us. Thank you for helping us walk in the light because of pastor Gani’s program. Our hearts are full of gratitude.

I’m greatly thankful for Radio 7 because I have learned so much, about God. Life is really tough here in Kosovo and it is really easy to lose hope. People are desperate because they are not seeing the change they were hoping for in our government. I was so touched by pastor Jeton’s message on Eternal Hope. I never saw my life from an Eternal Perspective. That changed everything. I want to thank you for giving hope to our nation.


l want to thank you for the message on false miracles which almost caused me to plan a divorce. Every call by fake preachers will see me attend their churches until they were revealed for faking the so called miracle. Thank you for the advice and the broadcast.

l was asked to leave my home because my father was a member of a witchcraft society. Thanks for the message which warned listeners not to believe false preachers and false visions.

l thank you for broadcasting of truth. I was deceived that drinking the blood of the goat for 7 days will make me rich. In fact many churches and preachers now a days are wicked and heartless. God bless your ministry and your partner.

A man who claimed to be a miracle worker ask me to bring my husband’s hair to him to do a miracle to enable my husband love me. I did it but was caught by him. Fortunate, the next day my husband was listening to your radio broadcast on false prophecy. He quickly remembered that my action to try to cut his hair was as a result of false believe by false preachers.

Anointing oil was what I was force to believe that rubbing it daily will bring me fortune to boost my sales. The preacher collected so much money from me. Thanks for your advice about false teachers in God’s vineyard. I now pray in my house and I satisfied that those things were to lure me and collect so much money from me. Yours is the true ministry of God. Keep this ministry on.