From the Mailbag: India, Albania, & Nigeria

A sampling of letters from those whose hearts have been touched by The Tide radio programs. (Full names and locations are not included to protect identity.)


I was raised as a Muslim and believed that was the best way to go, until one day the Lord Jesus revealed Himself to me. I am a university student, and it is very difficult for me as and ex-muslim to share with others about faith in Christ. My family and friends’ persecutions are the hardest to endure. It is not easy to ask police to protect you from your own father. My father had destroyed my Bible many times and he has abused me many times. Listening to Radio 7 helps me get energy to live another day. I have learned a lot on the program ‘Sipas Fjales.’ Have met many times with pastor Klodi, and he helped me a lot to know the Bible and know how to be a better Christian. He is a blessing to me, and the radio is my church. I am praying for my family and friends to be saved. When I have listen to ‘Sipas Fjales’ about the cross of Jesus, I pray that Jesus can save me and my family. As a Muslim background, we face persecution every day when they see me as a Christian; the Bible verse from John 3:16 is my hope. Please pray for me. Thank you very much. – Muhamed


I’m a regular listener of your ‘Shanti Data’ radio program. The message which was shared by you the past week was very interesting and heart-touching. I could feel the real love of Jesus Christ and invited Him in my life. Now I have promised to walk in His path all the days of my life. I shall be happy if you would send me some books for my spiritual growth. – Chandra

One day when I listened to the ‘Ehpa Gatanju’ program, I came to know about Jesus Christ. The whole program was very appealing and interesting. Now I listen to it regularly and receive good moral teaching and blessings. I want to accept Jesus Christ and want to live in His fellowship. Therefore, help me to know more about the Lord and send some literature. – Jereha

I come from a poor amily and work from outside of my village. Sometimes I come to my home for a short visit. When I came to my home one day, I went to my friend’s house and saw that there were several village people sitting around a radio, and they wree listening to some program. I also sat there and listened to the program, which was coming in my own language in Kurukh. I hear about Jesus the Lord for the first time in my language through the radio program and like it very much. I had never heard before about the Lord through radio. Now I believe in the Lord. Please help me to grow spiritually. Send me some literature and help and guide me further. – A.K.

I have started listening to your Hindi radio programs ‘Aap Ke Liye’ and ‘Nav Jeevan’ in the past three months. I hav ebeen blessed personally by listening about the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I believe in the Lord and want to learn more about Him. Therefore, kindly pray for me and send some literature for me. – Suresh

I was possessed by the evil spirit and was always worried There was no peace or joy in my family. Then one day when the servant of the Lord came to my house, he prayed for me. He came several times to my house and always prayed for me and also helped us to listen to the radio broadcast ‘Ujjna Gahi Dahare.’ Now I believe in the Lord and there is peace in my family. Though I have become very weak. Kindly pray for me and send me some literature. – P.K.


Pride surely is the beginning of one’s downfall. As long as we are proud, we won’t know God. A proud man is always looking down on things and people, and cannot be a true follower of Christ’s teaching. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ and bless his name. I have changed thanks to your igbo language broadcast. – Ikpewe

The message of peace has permeated the Hausa community and has influenced the people in such a way that Boko Haram have begun to softpedal in the their brainwashed pursuit of violence. One of their members pleased for anonymity when he crawled into our crusade gorund and was indentified by our security personnel. We hid him, gave him food, and today he has abandoned his wickedness. He does not attend mosque prayers anymore. – Muhamadu

At the abdul Guam Polytechnic, Zamfara State, a Christian student was accused of blasphemy by Muslim Students. He was beaten to a coma. By divine intervention, a mUslim student rushed him to the hospital where he was saved from being lynched. The muslim student was asked why he offered to help the Christian student. He responded that the night before the incident he listened to your Hausa language radio program. – Abdulaziz

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