Letters From Abroad

The Window of Love showed me the real love I needed to know because I always felt I was not loved by my god but now I know that real God loves me.
– (Dari listener in Afghanistan)

I have been regularly listening to your radio program ‘Amar Bani’ with great interest. I want to know more about Jesus Christ. I come from a non-Christian family. Send me some literature and also a program guide from your office.
– (Bengali listener in India)

I listen to your Kui radio program ‘Ehpa Gatanju’ regularly. My life is changed through your radio program and I have received a new hope in my life. Because I had been disturbed in my life but now my life is changed. I trust in the Lord and want to live for Him.  Please pray for my spiritual growth and send me some literature.
– (Kui listener in India)

Last week for the first time, I got an opportunity to listen to your ‘Jiwan Roti” radio program in my own language. It is an interesting program and I would try to listen to it again. I want to know more about Jesus Christ. Please send me some literature for my study in Ho language.
– (Ho listener in India)

I come from a non-Christian (Hindu) family and listen to ‘Shanti Data’ program very curiously. I am indeed very much blessed by listening to the word of God and good songs. Now I have a desire to know more about Jesus Christ so I kindly request you to send me some literature.
– (Odia listener in India)

Antonio is a mechanic in a car repair shop. While he was working on a car, the radio of the car was tuned to Radio 7 and he heard the Gospel for the first time on Radio 7 Nord. Since than he started to listen to the radio and also he contacted pastor Klodi. He asked pastor Klodi to help him with some questions he had. He wanted to know more about God. Pastor Klodi met him and had a coffee time together and Antonio accepted Jesus in his heart. Now he is very happy, and also he confessed to pastor Klodi that now he will not charge people more money than they have to pay. God started to change his heart. Sipas Fjales is his best program and also he loves Christian music.
– (Albanian listener in Albania)

The first time I heard your message on radio, I knew that God is with you. The second time I was listening alone. The next time I wanted other people to also hear the message. I had to bring my  little radio outside though it wasn’t loud enough for all the people to hear. I had to look for a bigger and louder radio so that the message can reach as many people as possible. When I noticed other people were interested, once it’s time for the program, people will leave their houses gather and listen to the message. Now I have about 20-25 people that do come out to listen to the message. With the response from the people, am totally convince that God is with you. Keep feeding us with God’s message.
– (Yoruba listener in Nigeria)