Letters From Abroad: Nigeria, India, Zimbabwe


I want to thank the Lord for his is mercy towards me. I am writing in fulfillment of a vow I made to God.
I promised that if my troubles are over, I would thank him immensely. I am a witch doctor. I received this power from my uncle who initiated me into the cult. I have gone to many churches looking for help but to no avail. One day, I listen to your radio program. Not that I have not been listening before. But this time around I took down the phone numbers mentioned as the contact. Happily we arrange a visit to my home. After the prayers, I confessed that I had secret temple in my room. The speaker and his followers destroyed the temple by burning it. I am now free. My vow was I would live and die with Christ Jesus. Silver and Gold I have none but I will for others what he was done for me and is still doing for me. – Okon

I have been drinking all sorts of wine. I am a drunkard. No day passes without my been drunk. It was as if I was under the influence of a spirit. But God came to aid one day by make a phone call in response to your radio program titled “Being filled with the Holy Spirit.” We prayed together for about two months and today I am free from drunkenness. I praise the Lord. – Effiong

I give God the glory the of healing me spiritually. Every night I will hear somebody knocking at my door . On opening the door, I will find nobody. I later found out that the shrine behind our house was responsible in that those who were offering sacrifices to it had all died many years ago. I thank you for coming to pray with me and destroying the shrine. Surely, there’s power in the word of God. – Udoafeng.


I am a Hindu (non-Christian) people. I have been listening to your Kurukh radio ‘Ujjna Gahi Dahare’ since last several years. When I started to listen to the God’s message on the radio I could realize the real love of God. I could learn many good things from this program. I gave up all my bad habits. I believed in Jesus Christ and prayed to Him. – Ashish

I am a regular listener to your ‘Marsal Dahar’ Santali program and getting blessing in my life. My heart is filled with joy that my life has been changed totally by listening the Santali program ‘Marsal Dahar.’ Really your radio program and messages are excellent and very educative. I could learn many good things about Bible. Please send me some more book so that I could know many more thing about Lord Jesus. – Narendra

Your Ho radio program ‘Jiwan Roti’ has brought peace, joy and happiness in my life. I like your program very much. The songs of the program are also meaningful and I want to listen it again and again. I don’t have any literature. It is my request if available please send me in Ho language because I am a Ho people. – Gangadhar


How are you Pastor, was listening to your sermon on Radio Zimbabwe and I got touched. May you please help me in prayers so that I may grow deep in the word of God. Thank you. – Mazyiwa

Thank you for the word today. Through your teaching I received Jesus as Lord and Saviour of my soul. The prayer you gave to accept Jesus should urgently be embraced by others who are broken. – Saneliso