Letters from Abroad: Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Nigeria


I’m 20 years old and though I grew up in church, I felt misunderstood and like I did not belong. During the isolation months because of the pandemic, I felt like everything I had built so far was shaking. I studied a lot in University and I needed the good grades to continue my higher education out of the country. But now with online classes I felt I would never make it. Both my sister and mother struggled with suicidal thoughts and as Christians we are not supposed to feel that way. I was living one of the darkest moments of my life. One day, a friend told me that she had been invited on the youth [TV] program, Time to Talk. I was very curious to watch my friend and learn how to stay encouraged in the days of social distance and isolation. I have watched all programs with my sister since the very beginning and they truly changed my way of thinking and behavior. I was encouraged and really equipped to face these difficult days. Through the program I learned to put my trust in the Lord. And for the first time I feel like I belong. – Sara 


I was very much happy to listened to the ‘Lamtheam’ program through the radio. And now I have many friends who listen to the word and are very much happy and also some are Buddhist who are coming to my home to listen. They are seven of them from different place in the village.  – Dupka (Dzongkha language listener) 


I am a regular listener to your ‘Ehpa Gatanju’ radio program and a student of your Bible Correspondence Course. I also received the literature. I believe that Jesus Christ and His great love. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and Saviour and want to live for Him. – Majhi (Kui language radio listener) 

Recently I listened to the ‘Marsal Dahar’ program in the radio. I liked that program very much because before that I had not heard such a good program. I could learn something about Jesus Christ. Please send me some helpful literature as I am interested to learn more about Jesus Christ. – Sasmita (Santali language listener) 


I grew up listening to radio stations and in our house the radio is always on. I have been listening to pastor Jeton lately a lot. I like his perspective in life. I have learned a lot from his Bible teaching. I’m a Muslim by my family background but we have not been a practicing family. I have always been searching for truth and to become a better person for my family and for my country. Thank you for these teachings. These teachings are so much needed in our country. – Xhavid 


God is in the midst of his people doing mighty works. My life has greatly changed from stealing to selling of bread. I thank God who helped me through one of your ministers. During one of the prayer meetings, after listening to my testimony of changing heart and soul, a brother provided me with the initial capital of my new trade. I am a new creature born of the Spirit. Let God be praised. – Igwe (Efik language listener)