Recently we received a gift from the estate of a friend who supported The Tide for many years, but has now moved on to her eternal reward. Whenever this happens, it is bittersweet as we grive the loss of a friend while also rejoicing that she made provision through her estate to continue supporting The Tide after she was gone.

Including The Tide in your legacy planning is one way of making provision for your faith to continue having an impact on others for generations to come, while also exercising good stewardship of your estate. It is awe-inspiring to note how often in the history of The Tide ministry a bequest or other charitable form of planned giving has come at just the right time, when there was a corresponding need. This is a tangible reminder that God makes provision to meet needs long beofre we know when or what those needs will be.

If you have not already done so, please consider including The Tide ministry in your legacy planning. Contact us at 717-264-7288 (toll-free at 877-8495484) for more information or for free assistance with estate planning.