Laying Down Our Life

I don’t think we can truly grasp all that Christ did for us on the Cross. Here was a man, God’s son, who was willing to lay it all down for us. He was the great sacrifice for our sins, our wrongdoings.

How could I not praise and follow such a man filled with love and sacrifice as Jesus? No other human alive can do as much as Jesus did for me.

When He was being crucified, He didn’t turn in anger or walk away from it and say there is no way I’m doing this. No, Jesus took every step toward Calvary for me, for you, for all of mankind.

Jesus didn’t gather those around Himself who were faithful to Him and say, “This is for you, I’m doing this just for you all.” No!

Jesus was beaten and betrayed for all mankind. All the way to the vilest of sinners. How could I not worship and follow Him? His life is all love and sacrifice.

When we truly love, we are willing to sacrifice anything to show that love to all. To love Jesus’ way, is to shower it upon everyone we meet and know.

Jesus’ love is complete, has no boundaries, it is unconditional, it is showered upon all, not just a limited few.

Do I walk fully in His love or do I limit His love just for some?

To follow Jesus’ leading or to walk in His likeness, I must be showering all mankind with His love. They must see in me, a follower of Jesus, His love. That is how they know I belong to Him.

Will I sacrifice my life to follow Jesus’ example in taking up my cross daily? Will I lay down my life for others, those I don’t even know?

There is no greater love or sacrifice that was shown than that day when Christ died for us all.

How could we not do the same?

Oh, how I love Jesus.
Oh, how I love Jesus.
Oh, how I love Jesus.
Because He first loved me.

Submitted by Tracy Bard



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