Going Beyond Celebrating a Holiday to Tell Others the Good News

He is risen! That’s more than a simple Easter greeting; it’s a proclamation of a truth that is foundational to the gospel Christians embrace. Unfortunately, there are still many people who haven’t even heard the truth that Jesus shed his blood on the cross for their sins, and they still live in spiritual darkness with no hope.

Because of this tragic fact—still true even at a time when we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and His ultimate sacrifice for all people—The Tide global gospel radio ministry tells people about Jesus in their own language so that they too may experience a new life of full confidence and assurance in Christ, our living Savior!

The Old Testament records the detailed instructions God gave through Moses for the Israelites to enage in celebrations to honor God and keep alive the memory of specific things God had done for them. One of those was the Passover celebration to commemorate the liberty God provided for the Israelites from their slavery in Egypt. We essentially carry on that tradition at Easter as we celebrate Christ as our Passover lamb and reflect on the promise of spiritual freedom and new life that is ours through Christ’s victory over death.

However, Jesus commands us to take it beyond an annual holiday celebration and embrace an ongoing lifestyle of honoring Him by accepting and living out His mandate to tell others the Good News and invite them to join us as Christ followers.

Just as Christians should be committed to fulfilling the Great Commission, believers also rejoice when they hear about lives that are being changed through our efforts with local pastors and global partners to share the gospel in eight countries on three continents in 25 languages.

At The Tide radio ministry, we are honored when listeners share their stories of how their lives are being touched by Christ through our programs. Here are just a few.

Diego in Albania wrote that while listening to The Tide ministry’s local partner, Pastor K, something changed in Diego’s heart.

“(Pastor K) was talking about Jesus, as a healer of our soul. I learned for the first time that Jesus is a soul healer. This is the first time I heard that I need to be saved. I met with Pastor Klodi and he was so kind to answer all of my questions and we prayed together. He gave to me a precious gift, an audio Bible and a solar radio that I can listen every day. I am so happy, and my life has changed since that day. Thank you for making possible this broadcast in Albania.”

Lilima is a regular listener to our “Ehpa Gatanju” Kui-language radio program in India.

“This program is (my) favorite because through this program I came to know about Jesus Christ and His love for me. I am blessed and strengthened spiritually through the word of God. I have become a child of God and have accepted Him as my personal Lord and Savior.”

What an incredible Easter praise! Likewise, Tomide in Nigeria says that the radio program in her language has shared a “teaching of love” that has greatly improved the life of her family.

“Before, I used to hide myself to listen to the program, but one day I was caught by my husband as I was listening to the radio. There was no way to hide. Surprisingly, my husband beckoned me to bring the radio to him. I obeyed. I thought that it was end in the marriage. My husband, instead of quarreling, asked me to place the radio on the dining table (and) we listened to the program together. From that day we did not miss any editions. Let God be praised for his mighty works.”

Finally, Mudimba in Zimbabwe is thankful this Easter for the devotional programs he can hear through radio airwaves. “Through you,” Mudimba says, “Jesus Christ has invited me to eternal light. l would like to be a tireless servant for Christ (and) l wish to grow good seeds of evangelism to the people of Lubimbi. Let your word and Church come to heal souls in Jesus Name.”

These stories of life change are especially uplifting at Easter. And for those who have made a decision for Christ this year—perhaps after listening to a radio program or engaging in activities from The Tide ministry in Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Nepal, Nigeria, Thailand and Zimbabwe—Easter will be extra special, as they celebrate Jesus’ resurrection for the first time after committing their lives to Christ.

But there are so many more souls who need to be reached by the love and grace of Jesus Christ and hear the gospel message in the language they were born to speak. This Easter, may all of us find a way to lead one more person into God’s family, whether it is through personal witnessing, prayer, by helping to send a missionary to another country or by giving to a gospel-spreading ministry.

It’s the greatest gift we can give this Easter. Hallelujah, Christ is Risen!

Don Shenk


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