From the Mailbag: Albania, India, Kosovo, Nigeria, Zimbabwe

A sampling of letters from those whose hearts have been touched by The Tide radio programs. Full names and location are not included to protect identity.


I love listening to Pastor Hervin. I learned a lot from the Bible because of his radio show. His passion for the Word of God is contagious. I’m so happy now we can download the programs from the website. I share them with my colleagues at work. They are not believers but they always have those moments when they need God and are more open to hear. Pastor Hervin’s programs help me to share my faith with them and other family members. – Marsela

I listen to Radio 7 all the time, and the broadcast has literally changed my life. I’m a university professor, and I believe God has placed me in the midst of students to make a difference for God’s Kingdom. I often share my faith with my students and encourage them to search for God and know Him. Pastor Hervin’s program is a unique program to help us all know God. He is a great teacher of the Bible. – Ida


At present I am residing in a hostel. I thank God that I can listen to your ‘Ho’ program “Jiwan Roti’ in my hostel with my friends. Thanks for sharing the love of God and Good News of salvation with me and others through your ‘Jiwan Roti’ program. – Bangara


I have heard R7Kosovo for the first time on a local bus, and since then I listen regularly. I’m a Muslim, but always been curious about other belief systems. I listen to the station very often. On the radio, I learned for the first time that there are Kosovars who are pastors and know how to teach the Bible. I always thought that was a foreign belief of Americans or British people. I really like Pastor Gani. He is very down to earth and I like his view on family issues. – Idriz

I have been listening to Pastor Jeton on the radio for over six months, and I have learned a lot about our faith in Jesus. I have a brother who is sick in bed and is fighting with depression. He says that when he listens to the radio and Pastor Jeton’s program he has less pain and is joyful. Please pray for him. Thank you for your program. – Kujtim


Your broadcasts bring joy and are to as new wine. Please organize a worship center for us. We find it difficult to continue with our old churches because of prosperity and miracle Gospels, which usually mean nothing but empty promises. We don not want to mix this newfound truth (new wine) with hopeless messages (old wine). – Ijaw

Your program is quite interesting. It does not teach materialism and miracles as if that were the central theme of Christianity. – Akam


May you continue helping people. We really like your program because it draws us closer to God. May you continue sharing the Good News of the Lord, for these are the last days. You really help us to stay connected to Christ. Thank you so much! – Edward

Thank you for reminding us that no matter what we may encounter in our lives, there is power in the blood of Jesus. May God bless this teaching of His Word. – Minenhle

Thank you for the wonderful words I heard you preach. May you please pray for me. I am facing some financial constraints. Thank you for the verse man of God. Thank you for the prayers. – Sithulise

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