Reading: Mark 11:22-26 

There are two marks of a Christian–giving and forgiving. No one can become intimate with Christ and remain selfish. If one draws close to the Lord, his selfishness will disappear. You can generally know how close one is to the Lord by how unselfishly he lives. I have never known of any truly great Christian that lived selfishly. 

And as for forgiveness, nothing that I know puts more sweetness deep down in the soul than forgiveness. An unforgiving spirit and bitterness go together. So the way to develop sweet Christian radiance is to be forgiving–not only when others may ask it, but before they ask–forgive. It was while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He has said, “If we forgive not, then we will not be forgiven.” If we forgive, God will forgive and then we can come boldly to a throne of grace. Ask for what you need and it shall be given to you. 

Prayer: Lord, I do forgive my friends, family, _____. I leave any and all injuries with You. Eliminate any selfishness, and make me charitable, and kind to all men. Amen.