Encouraging Report From The Tide Partner Ministry in Nigeria

September 21, 2012

Three years ago, at the request of a Muslim convert, The Tide began airing an evangelistic radio program in the Hausa language through an FM radio station in Kaduna.  There are over twenty-five million Hausa speaking people in Nigeria.  The majority of the population of northern Nigeria is Muslim, and Hausa has been adopted as the official language of Islam making it an ideal language for sharing the truth about Christ among a people group that does not acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God.  God is using The Tide Hausa language radio broadcast to draw many into His kingdom, and as the following report indicates, our partner ministry in Nigeria is taking bold steps to reach out and minister to Muslims.

“As part of our efforts to disciple listeners of our Hausa language radio program, and to reach community people with the Gospel we conducted an evangelistic crusade.  We held our crusade on a campground which houses the famous mosque. As part of the ongoing effort to strengthen unity, peace, and coexistence between both faiths, we, numbering fifty Christians, men, and women, moved straight into the mosque to join those who had come to break the Ramadan ‘fast’.

There was consternation when we arrived on the premises of the mosque. We told them our ministry as Christian was not a violent one and does not teach hate and restiveness and that it was in this regard that we were here. After exchanging pleasantries, I led others to visit the historic mosque and to eat with the Muslims. I told them that peace was essential for nation building.

The leader of the Muslim group told us that the Boko Haram was a political pressure group that had nothing to do with religion and they promptly disassociated themselves from them. They asked us to invite them to attend any of our crusade meetings in future.

I was so thrilled by this great happening.  Most of them confessed that they listened to our Hausa language radio program often.  We all thank God for this ministry and the assistance from The Tide.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Government has lifted the state of emergency in the eleven counties of the North, apparently due to relative peace there.”
Thank you.
(Due to the presence of radical Muslims who pose a serious threat to Christians in Nigeria we have omitted the name of The Tide partner ministry leader who submitted this report.)

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