The Tide® Blessed to Celebrate True Joy of Christmas With Listeners Worldwide

Christmas is right around the corner, and as Christians everywhere celebrate Jesus’ birth—the true reason for the season—The Tide® is blessed to share about His life with radio listeners around the world.

“We are grateful that God allows us to reach millions of potential listeners in eight countries through 25 languages, as we tell them why Jesus came to Earth as a babe in a manger—to ultimately die for their sins and give the gift of eternal life,” said Don Shenk. “Regardless of the persecution some of these listeners face, they can hold onto the true joy found in Christ this Christmas.”

For example, Ilirjana from Switzerland listens to the Albanian Radio 7 broadcast, which is also available online to listeners in other countries. The mother of three reported to The Tide ministry that her husband is not a believer and she has little opportunity to meet other Christians. But, she says, “I am so thankful for the online programs that you are broadcasting. I listen to Pastor J regularly and my heart is filled with joy. These messages have helped me draw closer to God. The pastor has been such a great encouragement to me and such a blessing in my walk with the Lord.”

“Praise God for Ilirjana and other listeners like her,” Shenk said. “We wish them a Merry Christmas, and the joy that only Christ can bring!”

Our newest initiative for 2017, called “Every Knee, Every Tongue,” allows people to help place gospel radio programs like the one heard by Ilirjana in regions around the world. Through “Every Knee, Every Tongue,” all are welcome to sponsor Christian radio broadcasts produced by The Tide ministry and recorded by local indigenous pastors in both populated and remote communities across the globe. Click here to read more.



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