Blessings from Creation

For the past 5 years, The Tide has been setting up a booth at Creation. Over those years, around 1,000 people signed up for the “Have You Heard Challenge?” and, if they completed the challenge, that mean thousands more have heard of Christ. With the expansion of that challenge into “Every Knee Every Tongue,” God provided blessings in a different way. This year he provided visitors to The Tide booth who were inspired to help financially.

You might ask us, “Hasn’t God provided financially in the past?” The answer, yes, he has, but with redoing our campaign and offering shirts, bags, stickers, and bracelets as donation premiums, God has blessed us even more. This year, during Creation alone, from the donations of God’s people, we are now able to tell 35,860 more people about Christ! Here are some of the faces that helped us!

On average we can reach about 20 people with the Gospel for each dollar given to The Tide ministry. If you missed out on donating during Creation and still want to, feel free to call us in the office at 717.264.7288 or give securely online. Go here to find out more about Creation Fest.