Believers Drown in Monsoon Flooding

The people of eastern India are facing severe difficulties due to widespread flooding caused by several days of heavy rains.  According to the Associated Press, officials in India have said that approximately 2,800 villages have been affected and nearly 100,000 people have been left homeless in the state of Orissa, where The Tide studio is located. Although the operation of The Tide recording studio has not been affected, outreach activities have been impacted as many areas remain inaccessible due to the flooding.

Other states in India are also experiencing flooding from the monsoon rains and the following heartbreaking report just came in from Mrs. M, The Tide outreach coordinator in India:

13 villages in the Baramkela area of Chhattisgarh are flooded. Mr. HK shares the gospel through radio listening clubs in 4 of those villages and has planted small house churches there. 

Due to the flood, those 4 villages are very much affected and people have lost their houses, livestock, crops, and possessions. It is sad to inform you that 5 of our believers were drowned in the strong current of flood water. No one could save them. 

Please uphold the bereaved families of those 5 believers in your prayers. Also, pray for hundreds of villagers who have lost everything.

The monsoon season in India runs from June through September.  Pray that government and relief agency efforts to provide food and shelter for people displaced by the flooding will be adequate and effective.  Pray also that those still stranded will be rescued and will be able to safely make their way to relief camps that are being set up on high ground.



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