Be a Witness for the Lord

Reading: Acts 8:1-8

The early church grew by leaps and bounds. They soon filled Jerusalem with their doctrines. Persecution arose and they were scattered. Scattered, but not stopped. Scattered to witness and preach Christ.

It is very evident that in the Jerusalem church, they were all witnessing Christians. They prayed that with all boldness they might give witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus from the dead. Philip and his family witnessed to Samaria. It was a very unlikely place, but God honored the word and many were saved and mircales were performed. There is an urgent need for witnessing Christians today. A good question to ask yourself is, “How much have I witnessed for the Lord in the last year?”

Prayer: Lord, forgive me for failing to witness. Give me a new touch on my soul. Inspire me to witness and I shall try. I pray for Your help. Amen.

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