Reading: Hebrews 12:1-14 

The runner cannot afford to wear heavy shoes or the swimmer a clumsy suit if he is to win the race. Those things may be legitimate enough for ordinary pursuits, but not for running a race. So he lays them aside–to win. 

The child of God must lay aside every weight if he is to be a successful Christian. There are many things that may be legitimate enough, which become excess baggage to the traveling pilgrim, and thus impede their progress and take the joy out of the journey. Inexperienced travelers frequently spoil the journey with excess baggage. 

Let us examine out own hearts. What are the things that are weights in our lives? Things that keep us from making spiritual progress? Too much work? Too absorbed with earthly things–fun, pleasure, recreation, sports–too much. Yes, just too much! You may need to rearrange some things to make spiritual progress. Lay some things aside for the sake of your soul. 



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