A Steadfast Mission

As another milestone slips by, the destination remains the same

 In the context of eternity, 75 years is virtually insignificant, but much has happened since 1946 when the seed that has grown into The Tide ministry was planted. According to the statement of purpose as recorded in the Gospel Tide Broadcasting Association’s Articles of Incorporation, The Tide ministry exists to “spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by presenting religious programs through the means of radio, television, churches, schools and various other type of groups and organizations.”  This allows for a very broad range of activities, and although our primary focus in the early years was to produce Christian radio programs, over the past 75 years the scope of the ministry has expanded to include a variety of discipleship activities, literature distribution, correspondence courses, and radio distribution in multiple countries and languages around the globe.

Regardless of the geography, diversity in media used or methods of delivery, the central purpose of The Tide ministry continues to be declaring the gospel so that people can find hope and new life in Christ.

Every time God opens a door for The Tide ministry to forge into a new frontier, He also guides us into strategic partnerships with organizations or indigenous churches to be our ‘boots on the ground’ in countries where we are endeavoring to share the gospel and make disciples. In many of the regions where we work our partners face strong opposition and some even risk death for participating in evangelistic activities. Their steadfastness is based primarily on their deep faith in Christ but is also bolstered by the knowledge that they are being prayed for and supported by Christian brothers and sisters here in North America.

Our prayer and desire is that God will continue to use the blend of indigenous partners and committed providers to effectively make His plan of salvation known to those who have not yet heard or experienced the gospel. We are grateful for all who have faithfully provided the finances and prayer support necessary to build The Tide ministry into what it is today and invite you to continue this journey with us as we endeavor, under God’s direction, to faithfully fulfill the Great Commission by using media to touch hearts on shores worldwide with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ

Letters From Abroad

A sampling of letters from those whose hearts have been touched by The Tide radio programs. (Full names and some locations are not included to protect identity)

Persevering in Pakistan

“We are trying our level best to reach many people through different sources with the message of love and salvation and believe this is the Word of God which does not return back without bearing fruit.” Z.- Director of Pakistan Christian Recording Ministries