A Report from Zimbabwe

August 17, 2017

Special greetings from Amagugu Evangeli Radio Ministries.  We thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who makes it possible for Amagugu Evangeli to broadcast the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Sunday Ndebele language radio program is broadcast from 11:30 am to noon every week, and our five-minute Morning Devotional program is aired at 5 am from Monday to Friday.

These programs are broadcast on ZBC Radio Zimbabwe and are now available on new media platforms on the internet. People are invited to listen on the ZBC Radio Zimbabwe’s app online or via the Zimbabwe Brethren in Christ Church website. Alternatively, people can listen to our SoundCloud. SoundCloud has an advantage, in that people can listen at their own time or convenience and download our programs for free.

We also produce daily WhatsApp broadcasts, which are up to five minutes in length. This is a cheaper means of using technology to reach people. Currently, we send to an average daily audience of 800 people directly from Amagugu Evangeli. We are working in conjunction with the Brethren in Christ Church overseers across the country to rebroadcast these programs to their respective constituencies, with the aim of sending to all our Zimbabwean churches by the end of the year. Overseers get these messages through a WhatsApp chat group created by Amagugu Evangeli. This also allows listeners to respond directly through WhatsApp.

We rarely receive actual letters from our listeners in Zimbabwe, as most prefer to respond via calls, texts, and WhatsApp. Many listeners are blessed by the preachings and usually include some prayer requests. We have a pool of pastors who attend to specific prayer requests. They use the Amagugu Evangeli office for counseling.

We are still in the process of constructing a studio at Selbourne Park. Now, the building is slightly above window level. This new studio will benefit the church and Bulawayo as a whole in a number of ways. Special thanks to the sponsors who support Amagugu Evangeli through the Gospel Tide.

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