A Report from Thailand

We’ll begin broadcasting on the radio later this year in the Isaan language. However, the production of these programs is taking longer than we first thought, so the goal now is to have them all recorded by October. We don’t want to start broadcasting before we have all of the programs recorded, otherwise, we may be under a lot of pressure to record the program for the next week.

Each program is about 45 minutes in length and includes music, testimonies, and the Bible story. What we have begun to do is to put one program at a time on Story Teller devices and give it to one of the believers in each village. We tell them that they have one week to listen to the program, as many times as they want, and to invite as many people as they can to listen. We just started this recently, and the results so far have exceeded our expectations! It is great!

A highlight occurred when two people from Mahasarakham province contacted us, asking if they could come and visit. they visited with us for two days, and the visit was definitely a mutual blessing. They learned a lot about how we do the radio recordings. We had the privilege of having them perform a song at a network meeting for local church planters and now hope to have them come back in the future to do some evangelistic concerts. We also shared a lot about ministry and general discipleship topics.

After returning to Mahasarakham province (3 hours from Ubon), they felt led to begin a live radio broadcast on Sunday mornings called “Morning Friend.” While they are not using our program, they are learning from it and are doing their own live program. One of these people has a younger university student who he is disciplining who is in Bangkok. This student has begun to evangelize to a celebrity who is also a university student. The student being discipled was facing some difficulties, so we sent a clip of a recent radio recording to him for help, and he was very encouraged. Now he wants to play that testimony for the celebrity to hear!

Even though we have not yet begun broadcasting our programs on the air, they are already having an impact in another province in Isaan (Mahasarakham) and all the way to Bangkok to someone who is ministering to a celebrity!



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