A Consistent Mission

What a joy it is to experience spring after a long harsh winter!  How wonderful it is also to know with confidence that as we pass through various seasons and changes of life God is consistent and sustains us in every season.  Even though we may not enjoy every season we can be confident that God has a purpose for each of them and that He does not abandon us in the winters of life.  It is this confidence in God that enables us to live with a constant sense of anticipation, eager to experience what God has in store for us, regardless of whether we see winter or summer approaching.  Over the past 68 years, God has sustained and led The Tide through some significant changes while preserving our central purpose and mission.  When Charlie Byers stood in the studio for the very first live broadcast of The Gospel Tide Hour in 1946 he did so with the support of a small group of friends who shared his passion to tell people in the local community about Jesus and disciple them into committed followers of  Christ.

Like a precious seed planted in spring, the Gospel Tide Hour took root, beginning to grow and flourish.  Today The Tide headquarters is still based in that same locality, but we no longer have a local radio program.  Instead, The Tide ministry now branches into other regions of the world and reaches numerous people groups through evangelistic radio programming in 19 different languages!  These radio programs, geared to tell people about Jesus in the language they were born to speak, target people groups in Bhutan, India, Nepal, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.  Now, instead of one pastor with a few ministry workers being supported by hundreds of Christ followers willing to give generously and pray fervently for others to know Jesus as they do.  Regardless of how different The Tide ministry of today appears to be from what the Gospel Tide Hour was in 1946, our core mission remains unchanged and our whole purpose is to tell people about Jesus and disciple them into committed followers of Christ.

This ongoing growth has not always been easy; there have been some harsh seasons and, just as individuals submit to God’s hand at work in their lives, The Tide periodically experiences the pruning hand of our divine gardener.  Often it seems painful to have a branch cut back, but just as often that pain is replaced by the joy of seeing new growth bearing fruit.  Our human tendency is to try to hold on to the familiar things that we perceive to be valuable, frequently forgetting that we are most productive in our kingdom work when we fully submit to God’s headship and direction.  Many who were once spiritually lost have come to know Jesus and trust in Him through listening to The Tide heart language radio programs.  Some of them may never have even had the opportunity to hear about Jesus if The Tide Board of Directors had not yielded to God’s prompting to let some things go and turn instead to new opportunities.  On a personal level, are you missing out on something in your life because you are stubbornly hanging on to something that God wants to rid from your life? Don’t let a sentimental affection or proud attachment to a fulfilling achievement in your life stand in the way of an even greater blessing from God.  Don’t let the fear of the unfamiliar and new hold you back from the next step of faith that God may be calling you to take.  Be assured that God desires to continue working in your life and wants to use you to inspire faith and bring about change in someone else’s life.  Join The Tide ministry in being willing to follow God’s leading, eager to not only see how he wants to use us but also enthusiastically participating in the opportunities He presents for us to tell people about Jesus and disciple them into committed followers of Christ.



I have become a regular listener to your Hindi radio program ‘AAP KE LIYE’.  Since last 10 years, I was possessed by an evil spirit.  It always tormented me and I was physically very sick and restless.  I went to several doctors, witchcraft men but nothing could help me.   I was totally helpless and discouraged and there was no hope in my life.  On day one of my friends told me and my family about your radio program.  I went to his house and listened to the ‘AAP KE LIYE’ radio program very attentively.  After coming back to my home I was sad and worried because of my physical condition.  The next week I went to my friend’s house again and listened to the program.  As I was listening to the word of God, tears were flowing from my eyes and at that moment my life was changed.  I was touched by the power of God and the evil spirit departed from my body.  I thanked the Lord for touching me and saving me from the clutches of evil spirit and power of darkness.  Today in my family everyone is happy and rejoicing in the Lord.  Now I want to listen to this blessed program every day.  I also thank Good News Hour for broadcasting this program.  Mr. Rajesh Kumar Rajwade (Surajpur, Madhya Pradesh)


The Ijaw area is riverine and most inhabitants are fishermen.  During our last evangelistic campaign to meet listeners in this area a woman whose name is Maria Ibinagbo asked for prayers.  Her problem according to her is that she has a fetish alter dedicated to the worship of a water god popularly known in Nigerian as Mami water (mermaid).  She complained of unceasing nightmares which she experiences almost every night.  We prayed for her, and we also informed her that we shall forward her name to our partner ministry for regular prayers.  We, therefore, forward Maria’s name to you for prayers to redeem her from the nightmares.  However, we then visited Mary and her husband in a village called Adukuri.  We advised them to destroy the altar of the sea god and to ask Jesus Christ to come into their lives for salvation.  We also noted the extent of oil pollution in the area which means that not much is realized in terms of fishing which is their sole means of livelihood.  We left half a bag of rice with them.  Please pray for their livelihood.  (Editor’s note:  Pray they are not deceived into believing that the sea god is withholding their catch because they have turned to Christ.)  Bassey Akpan (The Tide ministry partner in Nigeria)


I am very glad to listen to your Nepali language broadcast through Jagriti FM Radio.  I am a regular listener to this program.  I am very much blessed and have come closer to the Lord.  Now I am able to read the Bible which has taught me many lessons.  Sir! I am thankful to you for presenting this radio program.  Now I encourage many of my friends to listen to this program.  Sir! I want to listen to more programs just like this one, which blesses and encourages us and draws us closer to the Lord in faith.  Now I am not afraid of any obstacles.  Mr. Bibas Pokhrel (Biratnagar, Nepal)

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