One Step Forward: Roadblock

January 28, 2018

Reading: Philippians 1:12-20

Have you ever felt like you were putting all your effort into something, only to see
you weren’t actually getting anywhere with it? Paul could have easily seen his situation
like that in this passage. He was in prison. But Paul looked past his circumstances to
see what God was doing. Everyone that worked in the prison new why Paul was there:
he loved Jesus and was telling people how to be saved. Just by sitting in that prison he
was showing them an example of Christ like living. On top of that, people who knew he
was in prison stepped up to tell others about the gospel!

Paul could have easily seen his imprisonment as a roadblock, or a setback. But he
saw God’s hand moving despite what was going on. Even some people were preaching
to spite Paul. But he didn’t care, because God’s word was getting taught. What can we
learn from this? Sometimes life will throw a prison situation your way. You’ll feel like
everything is going fine, like you’re doing all the right things, and things still go awry. I
think we need to glean things from Paul’s example:

  1. When you reach a roadblock, try to evaluate why. Don’t automatically assume it’s
    because you were doing something wrong. Paul was doing the right thing, but a
    roadblock came anyway. It served a purpose on his journey (to reach even more
  2. Try to see what the situation can bring. Is this to teach you something? To put
    you in a position to reach someone you normally wouldn’t? Try to look past your
    circumstance to see it not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity.
  3. Finally, we can learn from this a lesson in patience. Paul knew God was using his
    time in prison for His glory, but all Paul could do was trust, sit, and wait.
    Finding the roadblocks purpose doesn’t make it go away, it simply helps you to turn
    your mind to God for his grace to lead you through it.

What roadblocks are you facing right now? What could God be trying to do in it? Pray for wisdom and patience in this time.

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